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Children & Young People

Abuse Prevention Services offer counselling to children who have been impacted by family harm.   We offer a respectful and safe place for children to explore and overcome issues that may affect their lives.   We aim to have children thrive in their lives.  We offer support that is child centred and goes at the child’s pace.   We aim to offer support that is fun, educational, and healing.


Play therapy as offered by Abuse Prevention Services is a very respectful and safe way of working with children. By being child centred it ensures that the work is at the child’s pace and that children determine what they are wanting to work through. It trusts that children will naturally bring forward what they are trying to resolve within themselves.  We may include other therapies, such as art therapy techniques, sand tray along with child centred play therapy to assist children in their process.


Play therapy is based on an understanding that play is the main language of children and is more effective than talk therapy in helping children to feel soothed. Children get to work through issues such as feeling powerless, anxious, worried, angry or isolated, which are common concerns for children impacted by family harm. 

If you would like more information about the services we provide to children, please feel free to give us a call.


All our services are free of charge.

Who attends?

Children and young people from 4 to 16 years of age who have experienced family violence/abuse.

Why have therapy?

Children and youth are often the unseen victims of family abuse. they may suffer trauma and show signs of stress.

They may become;

  • Withdrawn or unhappy,

  • act out and become angry and non-compliant,

  • stop learning at school,

  • blame themselves for the violence/abuse,

  • have difficulty adjusting to family changes

  • learn to become an abuser or victim in relationships with peers and /or partners in later life

How it works

  • assessments are undertaken with the parent/caregiver and children/young people

  • the parent/caregiver is kept fully informed and involved

  • are tailored to individual needs

  • free of charge

Participants will learn


  • to identify and express feelings

  • abuse is not okay

  • abuse is not their fault

  • abuse happens to other families too

  • healthy anger management techniques

  • to process what they may have witnessed or experienced

  • how to keep themselves safe

  • how to build self esteem and self confidence.

Plus much more

All therapy is age specific and discussions are held in complete confidence.

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