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Children & Young People

Our facilitators are fully trained and are experienced in working with children and young people.

They have a wide range of skills relating to family violence/abuse, child protection, adolescent issues and childhood trauma.

Our aims are to ...

  • educate and empower children and young people who have witnessed abuse and are wanting to process their experiences and build their self confidence

  • help break cycles of abuse

We also provide...

  • counselling for children and young people

  • education programmes on living without abuse for men and women.

We are approved by ...

  • the Ministry of Justice

  • the Ministry of Social Development

  • Oranga Tamariki

  • Department of Corrections

Who attends?

Children and young people from 4 to 16 years of age who have experienced family violence/abuse.

Why have a programme?

Children and youth are often the unseen victims of family abuse. they may suffer trauma and show signs of stress.

They may become;

  • Withdrawn or unhappy,

  • act out and become angry and non-compliant,

  • stop learning at school,

  • blame themselves for the violence/abuse,

  • have difficulty adjusting to family changes

  • learn to become an abuser or victim in relationships with peers and /or partners in later life

How it works

  • there are individual and group programmes for children and young people

  • assessments are undertaken with the parent/caregiver and children/young people

  • the parent/caregiver is kept fully informed and involved

  • individual and group programmes are tailored to individual needs

  • our programmes are free of charge or at a minimum fee

Participants will learn


  • to identify and express feelings

  • abuse is not okay

  • abuse is not their fault

  • abuse happens to other families too

  • healthy anger management techniques

  • to process what they may have witnessed or experienced

  • how to keep themselves safe

  • how to build self esteem and self confidence.

Plus much more

Programmes are age specific and discussions are held in complete confidence.

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