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Mission & Vision Statement



To help our clients to live free from family abuse by providing timely, safe, confidential and respectful services.




All people in Rodney and Hibiscus Coast are living free from abuse.  




In carrying out our work APS will:

  •     Uphold the paramountcy of the safety of all parties and in particular women and children

Abuse Prevention Services believes the safety ofall parties and in particular women and children is paramount and ensures all perpetrators of violence are challenged to be accountable and responsible for their actions.


  •     Carry out our services maintaining client confidentiality

Abuse Prevention Services respects every client’s right to confidentiality, the exception being when there is a perceived risk to safety.


  •     Model healthy respectful communication and relationships

Abuse Prevention Services promotes non-violence and equality in relationships.


  •     Assume that people are capable of changing for the better

Abuse Prevention Services assumes that people are capable of change.


  •     Promote social change

Abuse Prevention Services promotes social change so that people and families have the ability to reach their full potential


  •     Have zero tolerance of abuse

Abuse Prevention Services has a zero tolerance of violence and abuse. The agency publicly promotes people to live non-violently and to take responsibility for their violence and abuse.


  •     Be responsive to community needs and open to ideas that will improve our client services

Abuse Prevention Services strives for excellence in practice and is open to ideas that will improve client services.


  •     Value our personnel

Abuse Prevention Services values its personnel and models healthy, respectful communication and relationships.


We are bound by the Treaty of Waitangi, proper process - how we work will meet legal and contractual requirements, the feminist perspective, and our constitution.

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