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Our Programmes



Abuse Prevention Services’ programmes are educational, strengths based domestic violence programmes which have been approved by the Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections and Oranga Tamariki. They aim to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to change their beliefs and behaviours around violence and abuse, to provide them with a variety of tools to effectively manage abusive situations, and develop healthier family relationships. Our services are offered either free of charge or at a minimal fee.


Men’s Respondent Programme  – ‘Living without Violence’


Our men’s programme is for male perpetrators of domestic violence. The objectives of the programme are to encourage men to be accountable for their abusive behaviour as well as assisting them to change attitudes and beliefs and develop an understanding of the effect their abusive behaviour has on women and children.


Participants attend 2.5-hour weekly group sessions over a 19 week course. We also offer a 12-week individual programmes for men who are not suitable for the group programme due to issues such as compromised mental health, language or cognitive challenges.


Participants are referred by the Family Court if a protection order has been taken out. Others attending the programme include self-referred men and men referred from Corrections, Oranga Tamariki and other community organisations.

Women’s Programme – ‘Living Free – Living Free from Abuse”


Our women’s programme is primarily for women who are currently in abusive relationships and would like support to make positive changes to their lives as well as women who have been in abusive relationships and wish to heal from those experiences work towards a violence free future for themselves and their children.


The programme endeavours to develop an understanding about the nature and effects of family violence and build self-esteem and confidence within a non-judgemental, supportive context. 


Participants attend twelve 2.5 hour weekly group sessions – creche facilities are offered. APS also offers individual programmes for women who cannot attend the scheduled groups or are unsuitable for group contexts.


Participants are referred by Family Court if a protection order has been taken out or are self-referred or referred by other community agencies and creche facilities close to the venue are offered.

Child & Youth Programmes – ‘Free to be Me’


Our children’s Free to be Me programme is designed for children and youth aged from 4 to 17 years of age who have been exposed to family violence/abuse. Children and youth are often the unseen victims of family abuse and suffer trauma and stress which often results in them being withdrawn or unhappy, angry and non-compliant, blaming themselves for the violence/abuse. 


The children’s programme seeks to assist the child/youth to identify and express these feelings, build self esteem, resilience and a healthy self image.  Support with specific issues around grief, loss, separation, anger and anxiety can be offered alongside the development of a support network and safety plan that the child/youth can draw upon in the future if necessary.


We offer mainly individual programmes (11 sessions) but also sibling group programmes (13 sessions) and programmes are age specific. The parent/caregiver is included in the education process and advised on relevant tools and techniques that they can use at home to assist with their parenting.



Limited individual counselling sessions are available for men, women and children/youth who meet our agency criteria.  This may be in response to any form abuse in a relationship or family i.e. youth exhibiting issues around their own anger or children struggling to cope with family changes, such as dad leaving home.


Counselling allows individualised support for clients and sessions range between 4-7 sessions (depending on the age of the client). Some clients also choose to attend counselling to address issues before or after commencing a group or individual programme.

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