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Men's Programme

Abuse Prevention Services offer support to men who recognise that their behaviour is having negative impacts and/or causing harm within their family and their relationships and want to change.

Our programme allows men to recognise unwanted, controlling, harmful or abusive patterns of behaviour and provides tools to develop positive and empowering ways of interacting and building respectful relationships.


All men looking for support are offered initial face to face individual sessions with one of our trained and professional workers.  This provides an opportunity for you to talk to us about your situation and helps us understand what support will be the best fit for you.  

All of our services come at no cost.

What Men Learn?

  • Recognising the early warning signs that tension is increasing and having strategies to manage the situation safely

  • Communication skills, including active listening, giving clear messages and negotiating

  • Increased self awareness to better understand your responses to situations

  • Increased understanding of boundaries and the importance of respecting boundaries

  • Stress and self care

  • Traditional gender roles and the impacts of those within relationships

  • Recognising power and control behaviours

  • Acknowledging and taking responsibility for harmful behaviours and exploring the impacts of those behaviours on partners/ex partners and children

  • Learning about communication styles

  • Learning about Intergenerational patterns of harmful behaviour

  • Opportunities to individually examine any incidents to gain greater personal insights

  • Understanding the connection between thoughts/feelings and behaviours

  • Increased ability to recognise and name feelings

  • The benefits of being in a group of men and being able to share open and honestly and be supported and encouraged towards growth and learning by other men

  • Understanding what respectful ways of relating look and feel like

What men say


“The programme has changed my life, the way I think and do things for the best version of myself”. 
“Very good programme; I’m taking away heaps of tools; it’s given me hope”. 
“I loved the programme. I felt listened to & respected. I thought I had no problems and the programme made me recognise that my reactive behaviour is my choice and now I choose Time Out to avoid conflict”. 
“This programme should be readily available and be more accessible even in secondary schools”. 
“Helped me understand about how I was raised to avoid anger, and the impact it had in my teenage years. First real experience at talking about deeper emotional things I ever had”. 
“I wished I had of learnt this years ago” 
“I enjoy coming here to group every week, I get the chance to look at myself.” 
“Having 3 young sons, I don’t want them t
o be this %$#ing asshole like I am.  I need and want to be a better role model for them.  This is helping me to grow into a better person.” 
“I’ll be taking home how a woman feels with these sexual behaviours, because I use to only do things that made me feel better.”  
“When I came into the programme, I was expecting something else and didn’t really think a lot of it had anything to do with me, but every week I have gotten something out of it” 

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